Friday, October 22, 2010

Camera issues and Christmas Projects

Honestly, I have had some issues trying to update this blog.  To take the photos of the Halloween cards in the previous post I borrowed a digital camera from my parents (it is 4 years old, only 4MP, has crappy battery life and apparently new SD cards are too advanced for the camera).  We had a pretty awesome digital camera until this past summer when our home was burglarized and someone stole it.  We had been meaning to replace it and hadn't gotten around to it until I realized I wanted to start this blog and photos of the projects I was working on were kind of necessary. So we finally bought a new camera last weekend. Hooray! Costco had a great deal on a Fujifilm 14MP point and shoot camera and it also does HD video. Hopefully I will find the courage to do some tutorial videos for the blog soon. 
My plan for this weekend to is to upload some photos of the Christmas projects I am currently working on. I am almost finished with an advent calendar that I am making using a DCWV kit I bought at Joanns and I started crafting some Christmas cards.  My plan is to hand make all my cards this year.  In years past there have been two lists of card recipients; the handmade card list and the store bought card list.  A friend outed me on facebook about the two lists, so I figured this year I better start making cards sooner so everyone gets some handmade love. 

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