Monday, March 4, 2013

Crafting STUFF - it is craft month after all.

My goal for this month - Craft stuff, as in make stuff.  March is craft month.  Now to be honest, every month in my life is craft month but I am trying to create more and collect less.  Ironically, March 1st was the start to the Northwest Paper Chase and I managed to hit 14 stores in two days and effectively added to my craft supplies collection (*more on the paper chase later).  So I set a goal for the month - create stuff for at least seven people in addition to any other special events I would normally make something for.  I was inspired by a post on facebook.  Sometime back in January, a friend of mine posted a sort of pay it forward offer to create something for people if they promised to create something for at least five other people.  I think the original post may have intimidated some people.   People don't think they have the time or the creativity to create stuff.  I totally get that.  I used to be a really private crafter and still have a hard time going to crops or crafting with anyone else.  It is something I plan on working on this year.
Yesterday I posted an offer to create something for seven people, no strings attached.  I am really excited to make stuff.  So far four people have responded to my post and I am totally brainstorming all kinds of ideas.  I don't want to spoil the surprises so I will take pictures and post them once the gifts have been received.  I have given myself until the end of the month to get all the projects done and in the mail.  I have three spots left.  Readers of this blog, feel free to post in the comments if you would like something crafted by me.  If you need to provide your address, message me at
Now to craft stuff, as in stuff that I use to make crafts.  I think I may make this part of this blog, where I talk about craft stuff.  Here's where I make a confession: I collect craft stuff, a LOT of craft stuff.  Anyone who has seen my craft room in person can attest that the bins are filled with a lot of stuff.  Nicely organized stuff, but quite a bit of it. 
Here is an example, I love Copic sketch markers.  Now, I am totally late to the party on this.  Crafters, especially stampers have been in love with Copics for quite a while now.  I had some knowledge of fancy alcohol markers because I have friends who are super artistic and my husband has a significant collection of Prismacolor markers and colored pencils but only recently came across Copics.  I should also admit that I don't really stamp a lot, but I suppose that is besides the point.  I now have a sizable collection of Copics.  My most recent purchase was the 25th Anniversary Copic Sketch collection.  It is 36 markers and I will admit I scored them for an excellent deal.  Anyone who lives near a Dick Blick Art Supplies store here's a tip, they accept competitors coupons.  So I took my 50% off Michaels coupon and got this incredible set for $99.  An amazing deal when you think that single markers sell for $8.  This set is special because instead of the chisel tip of most sketch markers, these have a brush tip and a fine point tip. 

But I needed somewhere to house my collection of markers.  Copics when you buy them in sets come in awesome plastic cases, but managing different sets can be cumbersome.  Copic sells wallets, but the largest wallet only holds 72 markers.  A reasonable person who doesn't feel the need to collect stuff could probably manage with a wallet that holds 72 markers.   Clearly I am not a reasonable person or sane :)  Lucky for me ArtBin just released marker holder inserts for their Super Satchel totes.  Unlucky for me, these things are terribly hard to find.  I know, I could order them online and they would be delivered to my door in like a week, but like Veruca Salt "I want it NOW!"  I found one at Dick Blick and two more at Scrapbook Nook in Kent, WA.  I am on the lookout for a fourth.  Each insert will hold 64 markers.  Four inserts will fit in a full size ArtBin Super Satchel.  I don't need the fourth insert yet, but soon.  As you can see my Copic markers are stored on the left and my husband's Prismacolors are on the right.  It is the perfect storage solution and makes it easy to bring my markers out to living room from my craft room to color in front of the television. In my next blog post, I'll talk about the Northwest Paper Chase and some cool new techniques I learned to utilize my Copics. 

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