Friday, May 10, 2013

Keepin' it fresh and interesting

So I read a lot of blogs to get inspiration (there are so many talented people out there).  What I noticed about the blogs I most like to read is that there is consistency to them.  Their authors post on a schedule, have specific topics they post on regularly and there is a certain format to their blogs.  To improve i♥hello I plan to implement some improvements:

Posting at least twice a week on Mondays and Fridays
I realized all my favorite and most helpful blogs posted weekly on set days.  I think this makes it easy for followers to remember when new content is available. It also makes me more accountable to updating frequently.
New weekly feature: i ♥ cards
At the heart of my crafting I am a card maker and I think I should showcase that more on this blog. My first feature next week will highlight using the same supplies to make three cards with different looks.
Tutorials and Step by Step photos
I noticed write about a lot of projects, but haven't done a good job at showing how to make these projects.  I am going to try to do more specific technique how to blog posts and step by step photos. Also including measurements and dimensions so you can re-create the projects at home.

I also want to encourage more people to follow my blog so maybe I will start with a giveaway.
Right now, I have two followers (yay! thanks you two!!) and I think a number of people who read my blog but aren't necessarily followers.  I will come up with an awesome prize package and post it on Monday and see if I can't drum up some more people to follow this blog.  People like giveaways right?

One last thing, for national craft month I made a promise to make gifts for people and so far I only have one more gift to mail out and two more presents to present in person to fulfill my promise.  Working full time and crafting is hard work my friends, but totally worth it :)

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