Friday, June 7, 2013

stuff i ♥ - Impress & Fresh Ink

Let's talk stuff I am obsessed with: whimsical papercrafts, making cards, and writing this blog.  Additionally, I am absolutely in love with the store Impress.  It is mostly a stamp store (you can find physical stores in Tukwila, University Village and Bellevue Square and online at 

It is so much more than your average stamp store though.  At their store in Tukwila, they offer thousands of stamps, a ton of lovely dies, inks and punches and ribbons galore.  Not to mention their stock of twine and brads.
Not only do they offer the most amazing wood mounted rubber stamps, their stores are chock full of inspiration and ideas.  The card above is from their website.   Their designers come up with the most darling designs for stamps, cards and decor.  If you look closely, that card is simply two stamps (the flower and the sentiment).  As simple as it seems, it is also perfectly elegant and divine in its simplicity.  Inspiration like this is all over their store. It is hard not to try and buy every new stamp I come across. 

I am always so inspired whenever I shop there.  Besides their stamps, the one item from Impress
I am most impressed with (ha!) is their Fresh Ink ink pads. I have always love stamping, and stamping and card making really go hand in hand. Once I tried Fresh Inks it was if I had never really stamped before. It was really a revelation in my stamping.

The pigments are so saturated and the colors really pop on paper. The ink coats stamps beautifully and images always come out super crisp and clean. I don't have to worry with large stamps that the color will be faded in some spots, the ink covers images perfectly every time.
Have I mentioned that they come in a myriad of colors. I believe they come in 44 different colors at this time.

I own at least ten of these ink pads and am always adding to my collection.  My absolute favorite color combination is the Pink Lemonade and Navy.  I am also very fond of the Mango and Grass together as well.

The Fresh Ink pad last a ridiculously long time as well, but if you find the need to re-ink your pads, Impress also sells the inks to do so.

If you live close, I encourage you to visit one of their stores in person.  If you live far away, definitely check out their website for unique stamps, Fresh Ink pads and loads of fun ideas to try at home.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Door Hanger Organizer

i ♥ hello blog fans, I did not mean to ignore you this fine Monday.  In fact, I have all sorts of things I want to write about and share, but somehow my birthday weekend got in the way and there was no post on Friday.  Well I do have a project to post today, hooray!  I originally saw this idea for a great organizer that you can hang on your front door knob on the
Here is the link to her original project Door Organizer How-To Video .  I just think this is the perfect thing to hang on your front door. I used the Basic Grey "What's Up" line to make the organizer. I made a small notebook (2"x3") to include as well.  The notebook is ideal for to-do lists, grocery lists, etc.  The organizer has three pockets so you slip envelopes that you need to mail, bills, cards and whatever else you might need to remember to take with you before you head out the door.